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"Forest for the trees"

Miodrag Peric
30.09. - 12.10.2006






Miodrag Peric            

»Forest for the Trees« - MIODRAG PERIĆ

Miodrag Perić, through the works he exhibits today, makes us realize that artistic creation is an emergency exit helping us escape the confinement of our stereotypes and goal of our conventions and false idealizations of our everyday life. We usually choose to see and listen to what makes us feel well and ignore systematically whatever embarrasses us or fills us with sentiments of guilt. Yet, this tendency of ours condemns us to partial blindness, since we see, as a matter of fact, only the half of reality, i.e. the lucid side of it, thus missing, inevitably, the rest of it, i.e. its dark side.






Miodrag Perić, even with these few but representative pieces of his work, compels us to focus our attention to the dark side of reality, the mess behind the vitrine that makes us sometimes feel uncomfortable. For, in fact, we are also the ones who owe an apology for this mess, which is, in fact, the byproduct of our will to taste all available dishes served to us by technology...






Perhaps this kind of art destroys the illusions of our petit burgois euphoria, but offers us instead the unique chance to converse tet-a-tet with enlarged waste items of our everyday living, which are transformed by the artist into signifiers of a visual language, severe maybe and aggressive, but, at the same time, extremely poetical.






What makes Perić's languge truly poetic is, beyond other things, the raw material of his sculpture. Wood is in many ways a material pretty close to human flesh. Wood is, therefore, the most ready material to percieve what exactly the artist spells to its ear and, than, transfer to the public its load of meaning as a whole. And Miodrag Perić is truly a magician in transforming usual pieces of wood into bombs of meaning. Let him bomb us with his bold ideas.

                                                                                                          Christos Pharaklas