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25.05. - 07.06.2007


Danijel Babić & Đula Šanta






Creative adventure of painter from Novi Sad, Danijel Babic has started in the last decade of the twentieth century. He belongs to the generation of Vojvodinian and Serbian fine artists that managed to retain the dignity and significance of the picture in the critical ninentines of the last century and the beginning of this century. The crisis of the epoch drove Babic and his peers to mature quickly  at the very beginning of their artistic work – this young artist has very early created his specific expression. Thanks to his subtle feelings for the impulses of life and the world of art,  Babic, in his response,  created pictures in which different experiences of the modern fine art,  comic strip, graphite, modern design, even caricature were summarized. At the same time this artist has succeeded to express his own personality in a clear and positive manner. The picture of Danijel Babic is realized by rationalistic constitution. Linear clearness and homogenous fields of paint are means and method to sublimate witty idea and submerge into the characteristic urbane atmosphere.  Portraits, nudes, figurative compositions- whether transponed from everyday situation or »quoted« from the inventarium of modern iconography (frequently belonging to strip area) are always contemporarily determined. Such paintings have strong metaphoric tension in their motives. Text is very often an integral part of the picture. The artist uses text  to speculate his pictorial engagement (letterically and meaningfully). This impression is emphasized by discrete autobiographical remarks and signatures made by the artist over the paintings, similar to graphite or simulated designer procedure.

Sava Stepanov

After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad at the Painting De­partment, Đula Šanta enriches his discourse by experimenting in different media (objects, installations, digital photography...), by questioning the boundaries of once leading medium of painting and stimulated by the new research in the 20th century. Thus, by expending the field of his interest from painting to interdisciplinary rela­tions, he provided himself with more creative freedom for his artistic concept. In works: SANTA MEDIC, 1999, ENJOY, 2000, and FRAGILE, 2000, his need for re-eva­luation of ready made is emphasized. His interest in readymade objects from a daily life takes him into the quest for artistic materials and material matters. Therefore, he turns to uncommon materials in his artistic work (glass, concrete, corn, pla­stic bags and medicine packaging). By using them, he builds a closed, complete, world which consists of something unusual and unpredictable (a telephone + glass, forks + concrete). Like many of his fellow colleagues, Đula Šanta does not remain indifferent towards the current social, political and cultural happenings. The artist's personal archives of paintings, texts, situations and experience melt into one story, which is at a particular time, inspired by some current newspaper headline, action or event. The ele­ments of contemporary advertising (commercials, packaging, advertisements for hot line, fast food) become a creative impulse for Đula Šanta and he exploits them in a witty and discerning way, often with ironic tone. In his works, he gives comment I both on political system oriented towards profit and gaining money and its immedi­ate products: drug addiction, prostitution, sex trafficking and genetic engineering. Although attracted to the chaotic contemporary events, his work remains primarily. connected to the laws of visual nature and remains aesthetically legible and clear. With his artistic work, he accepts the contemporary artistic practice of his gene­ration, he questions the elements of art history, he uses the capacities of modem technology while giving comments on a current social surrounding.

Sanja Kojić Mladenov




Danijel Babić & Đula Šanta