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08.06. - 26.06.2007

Doug Stuber & Kwang Suk Park

Chapel Hill, USA




Doug Stuber


Doug Stuber Artist's Statement


      I am an artist who is compelled to paint.  Rather than choosing art as a profession, I started painting as a release from a life that was too packed with emotions.  I had no idea what abstract expressionism was until my early mentor, Leo Garel, asked if I had ever heard of Jackson Pollack.  Since then, exploring the way colors interact has been the passion that has saved my life.  

     Combining an expressionist's flair for color, with a newfound emphasis on subject matter, I am realizing paintings that jolt visually, while coaxing viewers to contemplate a complex life, not easily contained in a single motif.

     Nature and emotions are dominant themes.  I am likely to draw cartoons one day, attack a canvas the next.  One day I glue, the next I throw, all in an attempt to express why I am compelled to paint.

     I spent 1977-78 studying under Garel, in Stockbridge, Mass. then moved to the Florida outdoor art circuit.  With Garel, I painted my way out of severe emotional troubles.  Then, while exhibiting at outdoor shows in Florida, I started to land gallery exhibits.  Twenty-eight years and 1,568 paintings later, I have hit a stride in which each creation delves deeper into my psyche. 

     The best pieces are those that retain their colorful underpinnings and express subtle philosophy at the same time. You get what I feel, not just what I see. Some would call my work outsider art.  I use recycled paint and found materials as much as possible, mixing modern art with the native tradition of revering and protecting nature at all times.   

     In 2005 I helped co-found the Sea Frolic and Cedar Park artists colonies. 

     "Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity." 

  - Horace Mann



Kwang Suk Park


Kwang Suk Park, Artist's Statement


     I am an artist who strives to understand the spiritual and religious concepts of both East and West.  In 1998, I moved from Gwang Ju, South Korea to the United States in order to be able to research western culture first hand.  My main goal is to express and define the relationship between the spiritual and artistic concepts of two different cultures.   Recent work depicts female's existence within the realms of spirituality and art.  Combining experiences in Eastern and Western cultures has allowed me to take a broad view of art.

     In Nature, all things reveal their beauty.  The art of my native Korea was formed from a deep love and respect for Nature.  By contemplating Nature's forms our traditional painters sought to penetrate and reveal essential creative powers.

     For me, Nature's most beautiful expression is the form of a woman.  I think the beauty of Women is the last work of art formed by the hands of God.  Expressing the essential power of that beauty is a complex process.  Deeply entwined in the forms of female anatomy are the inner forces that enliven them -- our most primitive and sensitive desires, emotions, the meaning of love, and the spirituality of beauty. 

     I use traditional Korean materials:  ink and watercolor pigments, rice paper and brushes, with traditional techniques.  My work brings out the special effects of Chinese ink and powdered pigment spreading on Korean rice paper.  This allows a blend of the traditions of my native culture and my own inspiration which is expressed in abstract transformations of the human form.  Like my predecessors, I have tried, by contemplating the forms of natural beauty, to reveal and delight in their essence.