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27.04. - 10.05.2007

"Gestern, Heute, Morgen"

Tanja Medarova & Andrijana Kostova, Makedonien



Yesterday today tomorrow
Photography and painting are two different areas. Here they are connected:
Common factor is love; Common factor is freedom; Common factor is magic of space-inside, outside, in, on, of, between... ...old and new, freshness and durables...



Tanja Medarova & Andrijana Kostova


We have seen Venus in the paper bag deep down on the bottom in the shadows of despair…She is coming to birth again in to androgen structure. Jang girl is Venus of our present time and she perfectly adapt herself in classical Venus from Boticceli depends how we look at like consumption or like permanently beauty. Venus born always again... Maybe with this exhibition




This couple started to work together about one year ago. Andrijana Kostova is photographer and industrial textile engineer she is 22 years, born in Skopje Tatjana Medarova is academic painter, costume and scene designer in many theaters performance and couple of movies. They had one exhibition in Sofija last year called ….Net and chromosomes. Their art work is combination of painting ethnic on canvas and photoshoped photography. In this new project called yesterday today tomorrow we have photocolages and acrylic on canvas and clear photography too.