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29.06. - 13.07.2007

"Private Raum"

Ivana Tasev, Skopje, Makedonien


               The emotions and inspiration are intangible. There are no reliable methods, instruments, criteria that could bring them under one basic truth. Since, there are different ideas and definitions of the beautiful. But one thing is true. In one moment they are here, yet the next moment they can suddenly disappear. And in that moment of luck, when we are able to read the spiritual alphabet, witch attack the senses, the elasticity of this medium offers free opportunities that can give a way out of the scrutinized scholar concepts of the photography. I freeze with my camera as the eye leads me and I articulate my photography as the heart tells me.



Ivana Tasev



Begrüßung: S.E. Herr Dr. Gjorgji Filipov, Botschafter der Republik Makedonien




               The feeling instinct together with the life experience and knowledge about myself and the world around me enrich the wish to investigate the human being, its fragility, imperfection, virtue, (un)awareness, goodness, anger, shamefulness, sensuality, naivety, curiosity, lucidity, cleverness, subversiveness, kindness, sensibility, frustration, passion.. At the end of all, it’s humanity, witch makes the human being more than a symbiosis from blood and flesh… Well, that’s it; Too many thoughts and too much analysis about human being.. Too many thoughts that have to be packed in just few photographs…

Ivana Tasev