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12.10 - 25.10.2007


Slobodan Miljevic, Novi Sad,












Slobodan Miljevic is born in October 26.1966. in Sombor, Ex Yugoslavia.

He lives and works in Novi Sad, Serbia. He had many individual and group exhibition. He deals with creativity since his childhood. He is a self-taught artist. Guided by principles of abstract art I am trying to create balance between diversities and dimensions. My aim is to leave trace which is contemporary to the time we live in.

                                                                                                            Slobodan Miljevic





Slobodan Miljevic


Time rhythm, dynamic abstraction, factual notes of grooved and coloured lines which reflect quickened movement of contemporary systems of human existence are part of painting world which Slobodan Miljevic traces and records down by means of machines and brush.

Sloba, in his newest effective cycle, proving that anxiety and creative instinct are looking for the exit from his inspired and creative artistic being, depictures his vision of speeded up flow of contemporary civilization.

                                                                                              Professor Dusan Todorovic