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11.04. - 24.04.2008


Fehim Huskovic & Trajce Blazevski



Fehim Huskovic                                                                        Trajce Blazevski                




Fehim Huskovic





Trajce Blazevski


Graphics is a figurative medium which completely justified doubly meanings of word – art. It is, in own origin Latin meanings – Ars, as in a German version of this term – Kunst, means equally art and skill. In this sense graphic work of Macedonian famous artist Trajce Blazevski  both is concentrate equally in define of styles characteristic of own works and technical executions. At the same time, narration and action are going in two elevations: at the first stage are constituted a stories and preoccupation of artist, and alongside, in the second stage, these are realized in the most suitable modus. Because of that, when we are talking about his creating and opus we should to divide it into two segments: procedure and thematic.




-         He uses in his work special constructed grounds for his graphics, whereby he got completely new quality in a technical term of creation.

-         Entirely he brings as avant-garde in Macedonia one novelty so-called Ready-made method in constructing of own works, as for he uses already used objectives as a matrix, whereby he gave them a new aesthetic and art assignment. Spectaculars are effects of such method because sometimes it became a cognizable sign of his works.

-          He doesn’t use only one technique, but he uses more graphics techniques, permanently in experiment way combine in a unique accordance with created ideas. He prefers dry point, aquatint, high stamp, woodcut and etching.

-         Colors are pure, with technique which is perfect realized; fan of colors in a countless ways of varieties, where they are appropriate shaded and contrasted. 

-         He achieves minuteness in a creating of miniature graphic. Obviously, we can see genius of artist, which developed circled complete composition on the small format. But, on the other hand, creating of bigger formats is not problem for magnificent graphics Trajce Blazevski.


 Thematic: key words: Ideas/ Preoccupations/ Fantasies/ Reminiscences


-         Above-mentioned terms are light-motive for the artist Trajce Blazevski, which are interleaving in his artistic world. He holds one idea, which need to be shared with the others, through figurative graphic’s records, own preoccupations, to tell own truth, cognition, remembrances. It is remarkable that in a countless forms wriggle one of them as a dominant. These are ovals, spindles forms of subjects, forms which associate rotation over own axis, such as ritual turning of dervishes, paradigm of cosmos order and moves. These forms enter energy and gave contrast of static showing of subjects. Motion attracts eyes of spectators on these works. According to this motion ranges in a waves installing impression of interleaving.

-         From his works rises one semiotic motive- straws. According to symbolic explanation they are sending us back in a life back-ground, remembrances, unclear memories; as remonstrance of ours conscious. All these connotations are spring board for catharsis of soul through regenerating of figurative creation.

-         Dramatic dilemmas, which have every artist creating own works, are solving on an individual way by Trajce Blazevski. He speaks, created more time one preoccupation until the moment when it is become absolved theme.  On that way, he uses themes completely in very fundamental ways, which are his preoccupations. Very often internal impulses are supplemented with fantasies over abstract realized symbols. Erotic is one of his fantasies. He inclined to represent intimacy of every individual in one eloquent way, although usually in ours areas this is taboo theme, his preoccupations related with erotic, frustrations and hidden desires.


Conclusion: Opus of this educated artist, and at the same time educator of students on the Faculty of fine art, is not under influence of up dated figurative turmoil. Namely, Trajce Blazevski has own figurative discourse related, in a postmodern way, with the contemporary trends and movements. He lives in own world preoccupied with intimae credo. Such veils of mysticism, which cover the works of this exceptional artist, promote him in the line of leaders in innovation of postmodern style directions on the graphic stage in Macedonia. Because of that, we can say freely, that the contemporary graphic scene is not imaginable without this brilliant artist.  


Art historian

Bektovic Dzemil