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30.05. – 26.06.2008

Contribution of the East

Zoran Živković

Monte Negro








Zoran Živković


„The Contribution of the East“exhibition is dedicated to the post-transitional profile of the East European countries, or the countries of the ex-Communist Block.  The changes that happened in these societies in the period after the crash of the „Socialist Block“ up until now, created their new identities; the exhibition is the illustration of these changes.  „The Contribution of the East“ is actually the contribution of the ex-Communist countries to the global „distribution of labour and capital“, which  sets the final place and significance of these countries in the world.It was not my intention to find solid answers inside these changes regarding the expected and fulfilled personal freedoms, practical life, political beliefs, ideas, etc. or to compare the capitalistic and the so-called socialistic social structure, or the role of an individual in these societies. 




 I believe that the questions of individual freedom and of a society as a whole naturally follow this topic and that their answers would be interestingly different for each and every person.Similarly, by exhibiting the portraits, names and initials of the porn stars from the Eastern European countries on their national flags, I did not wish to express an ethical comment or belief regarding themselves or the pornography in general, but to use the development of the Eastern European pornography as a picturesque story about the transition and the new significance of the Eastern European region. 

It is a fact that the porn industry  has become a recognizable  symbol of these societies.  After all, the pornography is the industry that best sublimates the global capitalistic system, the power and strength of the media and profit, and which is a great witness of our time.  In that sense, the pornography has turned into an organized  system that functions according to the theoretical principles of the corporative capitalism and its profit and it could be said that it is one of the dominant symbols of the global capitalism of today. 

Zoran Živković