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Arat 20

Tatjana Maneva

Debora Ruppert

Mia Stojanovic

Milos Vasiljevic

Gaudeamus igitur

Mimoza Veliu

Reading the City: Skopje

Tomislav Todorovic

Saso Popovski

Mile Saula

Antoni Maznevski


Sinisa Prvanov



"Beauty for Ashes"





Beauty for Ashes

- in the urban context -

In the midst of the urban context of Berlin. We are surrounded by the rythm and the beauty of the city. People from different nations, ethnic backgrounds, lifestyles, religions live together in a wild rythem. We enjoy the colourful life, the music, the clubs, the exhibitions, the culture in manifold ways. We enjoy and expierience the rythm of creativity, - in the city that never sleeps.

We enjoy the rythms of live which flows through the veins of the city. But we are confronted with the pain, the isolation, the fear, the depression, the loneliness and the violence in the city.


We hear the scream of the city.

We are confronted with restless and sleepless nights . We see the beauty and the ashes in the urban context of Berlin. First humans shape the city, than the city shapes humans. We embrace the city... the city has embraced us. Its like a wild tango , its like a dance .. Berlin and you -  embracing each other. The city moves you... and you move in the city . You feel the rhythm of the city, you create the rythm and the rythm carries you.


Do you feel the pulse of the city?

In the midst of this reality we see beauty, like new life born out of ashes. We see new life, breaking through the asphalt of the city. In our daily life, we are sometimes surprised by the beauty of life. The beauty of life in a smile, a warm embrace, an open conversation, a friendly word,  music in the railway station or sunset in a park. The beauty of life warms our souls and conjures a smile upon our faces. In the midst of coldness and isolation somethimes beauty arises,

like an oasis in the midst of the dessert, an oasis for our souls and our senses... We expierence different faces of the city, some are like horrible masks, like grotesque faces, the grimaces of the city, and still we experience an unknown beauty in places we never thought we would find it.


Open your eyes and see, beauty in the midst of ashes.

We experience surprises and miracles, we experience pain and suffering, loss, hope and joy and in the midst of this life, we stand still, we take a deep breath, we lift our eyes to the sky, we pray waiting & hoping, doubting und marvelling, searching and finding, never give up. We are searching for the beauty in the midst of ashes.


Beauty in the midst of ashes ...

Open your eyes and see the beauty, the new life, new hope, new possibilities in the midst of ashes.