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24.04. - 26.05.2009

Mile Saula

"On the end (or on the beginning)"








Mile Saula


Saula Mile-exhibition in “Prima Center Berlin"


About my artworks : One Holland conceptual artist said:“ Think real - make abstract“. That thought describe completly my artwork.Experience of history give to modern artist a lot of materials and facts, that he can, leading by his sense of creativity, use for his artwork. In my case that are abstract paintings,where you can see the simbols of different  periods of time. Many coloured surfaces, lines, signs, written words... My paintings represent  one multilevel world....



On the end ( or maybe on the beginning )  my paintings ar reflection of one human life, expressed with specific elements of visual art.I like prehistoric painting and ancient culture.Expirience of diferents age I try to incorporate in one contemporary way.This is my abstract artworks…Many symbols,lines,signes,words I need to incorporate in one abstract composition  with strong expression…



Concept of my exhibition: In “Prima Center Berlin“ I need to ehxibit one representative choise of my artworks.All this works have same idea and sense.That are works on paper with dimension 100x70cm (mixed technique) They are one retrospective of my work for period 2004.-2008.