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 Mimoza Veliu 

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28.08. - 17.09.2009


Mimoza Veliu

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Mimoza Veliu wurde 1979 in Mazedonien geboren. Seit 2002 lebt sie in Berlin, wo sie Mediendesign studiert.








Wild guesses of Mimoza Veliu

By Arif Muharemi in Pristina

...Frozen faces of everyday human moving moments traveled across from Berlin to be exposed in National gallery hall in Pristina. Mimoza Veliu's photo exhibition 'Delirium' came after experience in Berlin where she is living for some years. Pictured in a black and white technique, faces in Mimozas pictures contain a tense emotion in a frozen state giving a deeper meaning to the concept of the exhibition.
Afrim Spahiu, a photography professor says that the exhibition reflects the courage to experiment. "Mimoza with this exhibition had just opened to us the melting feeling of exploration which enriches the life and the soul", said Spahiu. "The black and white photos call for the history of happening and tell a story behind that history".
On the other hand Shkwlzen Maliqi, an art critic, says that Mimoza's pictures reflect the desirer to courageously exit from the vulgar balance of everyday life as well as from gravity and the body. "She constructs images by asking models to move or jump, aiming to detach them from the surrounding reality of nature or urban settings", says Maliqi. "Mimoza manages to create images of individual delirium as the bodies stand in a state of dichotomy". One cannot clearly conclude whether Mimoza's images are optimistic or sad. It's a question of the glass being half full or half empty, and Mimoza states the existing condition. She leaves all the options opened, gives no hint and appeals for wild guesses. Figures in her pictures are not passive, and she tends to use the light to reflect the dark side of the humanity, capturing the very moment of the personal human mood and the way it is reflected. There is not a moment in her pictures where we can find a serene figure, and the dilemmas in their faces are replied with their movements and mimics.
In the pictures, the author carefully measured the light and the space, aiming to create the best frame. Her pictures are also characteristic for having a certain deep perspective and the natural distance between the object and the background.
Alban Ramadani, a photographer, says that Mimoza's exhibition is a case to follow. "During all these years we had photo exhibitions, but there was something missing all the time. Now, we can see a complete artwork, starting from the very clear concept, till the finishing finesses. It is a brave decision to expose these pictures in public", says Ramadani.
During her time in Kosovo Mimoza was engaged in the print media and she was known also as a poet. Now she is studying the
media design in Berlin.