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"many colored patterns”
Aleksandra Petrusevska





Aleksandra Petrusevska


In collaboration with Iva Dimeska, some of the prints presented will be color photographs primarily a part of the project "Beasts in the System" by Iva Dimeska and Lidiya Georgieva. These photographs harmonically blend with the expression of repetition of forms and also create a separate new image and meaning. The multiplication itself visually emphasizes the bold colors of the wallpapers.



Many colored patterns


          The idea behind Aleksandra Petrushevska’s art is to find a new kind of dynamics and a contemporary form of expression. In addition the works presented will transform the exhibition space as a working part of the installation.

          The exhibition in PCB will contain new designs for wallpapers created specifically for the gallery all in order to reshape the actual space as a part of the story from the artist’s private space.

          Aleksandra’s work shifts static and dynamic elements and in its own right transforms the main idea in different varieties of colors.

          In her photographs (fragments of buildings, damaged walls, breaks, cracks and urban ruins), which she processes with the paint medium, she lets the present erupt, always retaining a view of a vague, contour less past. In her works, the artist reshapes destructive elements into something aesthetically pleasing.

          This project started from the ashes of the artists burned house as a result from the brief ethnical conflict that swept trough Macedonia in 2001. The revolt that originated right there has guided and inspired Aleksandra to raise her voice and creative expression against all kinds of human misfortune and tragedy.