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 25.06. - 09.07.2010

"LIBERATION THROUGH THE ART"                                   

Vera Kekic & Bojana Stojakovic

Bosnia and Herzegovina



Through the tread of erotica I can present clearly and accurately sensuous and instinctive expression of a desire for redemption, the desire to cross the border, to leave the prison of modern time constraints necessary for the final release. When the image is fully experienced, the strange light sources, lighting "strips", lines, surfaces and all the magic colors and fatal rhythms start playing their mysterious art story that comes upon you and leads you. A world outside of "reality" that we perceive then which revives and wraps us completely in veiled of magic we can imagine only inside us. And we are strong and completely our own, alive and free. And then every thing assumes a different spiritual methaphysical form which we experience only in rare moments of clairvoyance and methaphysical penetration when we are overspread and overwhelmed with the beautiful tone of the artistic magic. That is what I enjoy and what to transfer. These are the moments of knowledge, sublimity, happiness and love. This is the formula of Liberation.

                                                       Vera Kekic


Childhood, youth, pregnancy, maternity are dominant elements of my works. Paintings, drawings, posters through the number of associations offer you as a viewer the ability to remember and pass through your own story. The works cause my need to be sincere with myself and to present, by an universal language of Art, the things I see, hear, read or dream. The works also contain the information about the area of my origin and my wish that this area finally becomes the part of the artistic map of Europe and the world. The works, through the elements of children’s drawings, comics, illustrations and the surreal send the messages of happiness but they also, (especially on the photo-posters) deal with the issues of women position in our society, tremble, expectation, dreams.

                                                Bojana Stojakovic



Bojana Stojakovic & Vera Kekic





Vera Kekic and Bojana Stojakovic have different approach to the universal language of Art but their both tend to offer a viewer Liberation through the Art, the Liberation of the expectations the society imposes, liberation from the borders, inferiority, loneliness in the time where our technology appears to be an apparent link.

Art works made by Vera Kekic and Bojana Stojakovic remind us what books also do, they give us the feeling we are not alone in what we feel.