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12.11. - 25.11.2010

Marija Pavlovska













Maria Pavlovska


MR Mag. Norbert RIEDL

KUNST - Maria Pavlovska

Vienna 19 March 2003


In my function as a head of the Department for Bilateral and Multi-literal Matters in the Austrian Federal Chancellery and Chair man of the Expert Group involved in the Macedonian Cultural policy Review, I herewith confirm that Ms. Maria Pavlovska was invited to a three- month stay in Austria within the frame work of an agreement between the Austrian State Security of the Arts and Media and Madam Samoilovska, Minister of Culture. She stayed in Austria from March to June 2002 and worked as Artist in Residence at KUNSTHALLE – Krems. Ms. Pavlovska was selected by the Austian jury. On 23 May 2002 her works were shown in to the public at the international art gallery “ Galerie Lang” in Vienna and enjoyed great public attendance.


Her works show pronounced expressivity with a combination of realisam and the interpretation of maturing and strong artistic personality. The paintings exhibited were greatly acclaimed by the public. She sold most of it, one of them to the Federal Chancellery.


Due to her very successful stay and her ability for dialogue Ms. Pavlovska was invited for another stay in Austria at KUNSTHALLE- Krems for the time from September to December within the framework of the Artist in Residence programme run by the Lower Austria.

At the occasion, she took part in a group exhibition at KUNSTHALLE- Krems together with other international artists. During that time she established contacts with Austrian artist and currently working together with them on preparing a collection of her prints in Austria which is to published in 2003.


In my mind Ms Maria Pavlovska is one of the most expressive young artist in Macedonia. The way in which she translates her topics o choise into picturial language demonstrates a powerfully eloquent and strong personality who will find her place on the Macedonian and ultimately, European cultural.


MR Mag. Norbert RIEDL


Bilaterale und multilaterale

kulturelle Auslandsangenheiten