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Tihomir Topuzovski

Marija Pavlovska

P. A. Sazdovska & S. Sazdovski

Kolonie Wedding e.V.

Naumovski Blagojce


Aleksandra Petrusevska

Kekic & Stojakovic


Toni Shulajkovski

H. Catovic & E. Catovic

Damien Mc Ginley

11 Visions

Robert Conev

Graffiti von Vandalismus zu Kunst



26.11.- 09.12.2010

Tihomir Topuzovski











Tihomir Topuzovski is a PhD candidate at the University of Birmingham UK. Tihomir has three degrees (BAs in Philosophy ad Art, and an MA in Art), and has received various academic achievement awards and research grants. He has also published a number of papers and participated in individual group exhibitions.






A Landscape of Exclusion


The enlargement of the European Union becomes a routinised system for moving resources, people, knowledge and practices across territories. In spite of these processes, a new type of a landscape of exclusion has been materialising in the public space of Europe. This means that different groups are deprived of their possibility for inclusion into the common life. The project “A Landscape of Exclusion” focuses on the issue of the current segregation in Europe. According to the phenomenon of exclusion, the presence of different social, ethnic and religious groups is identifying with animosity into the public space. These aversive subjects are designated behind the names of Immigrants, Refugees, Traitors, etc.