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Die himmlischen räume

 Christian de Lutz 

Silvina Der Meguerditchian
Malte Brants

Hop la! Nous vivons - A plus
Mariana Vassileva
Segmente - Macedonian artists



Christian de Lutz

"source code images",
12.11. - 8.12.2004


Photo: Matthias von Hoff



Photo: Christian de Lutz


"melissa is the first combination word macro virus and worm to use the outlook and outlook express address book to send itself to others via e-mail. "
http://www.cknow.com/vtutor/vthistory.htm source code from the melissa virus is placed over a digitally altered photograph of the ottoman bridge of visegrad, bosnia, famously described in ivo andric's novel bridge on the river drina, suggesting a somewhat darker side to the bridge as an architectural and/or communicative element





Photo: Regine Rapp



Photo: Ruth Bettina Müller





Photo: Jovan Balov