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14.10. - 27.10.2005
Mo Ramakers

"F R E E W I L L y"



Mo Ramakers




The joining of FREE WILL, a FREE WILLy and the film about the orca WILLY.

A pair of trousers, and also a willy are masculine symbols.

- Men are still the main players in politics.

- And stand also for the real power, the great thinkers. Thinking with what....

- Does a free will exist, and thinking in freedom?

Pante and zipper are symbols for.


- Thinking within ready made patterns

- Lining of borders, country borders. borders of nations, of opinions, of race, of law; of religion, etc..

- Recognizing by pantaloon of personality, nationality, status, occupation, etc....

- Some trousers are more imposing than others, some are more gentle,.....

The movie:

- About a seemingly freedom

- Is a typteal American movie

- In the movie the fish eams his freedom, in reality he stayed in captivity in a basin

- After a tong time in this, and a tot of media and society attention he finally was released in a kind of open sea.








The text:

- Strong letter type, except the little y, itīs written in a more lyric way

- Written in clouds, like a dream. Is it real? Is it possible?


- 9 color photo's of gentleman with trousers on, zipper open.

- VVithout face, personality

-About Im'each Asthefishashoutfor..... andthan ....  Doesitexist.......

The words FREE WILL bring me a tot of questions, and no answers.

This the way I see it, but itīs up to you what you see in the work. Maybe something else? Completely different? All the other works presented in this exhibition are related to this theme. But this is up to you to invent.


Mo Ramakers






Photo: Jovan Balov