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Dz. Nikocevic & N. Sabovici


25.02. bis 24.03.2011


Artists: Krešimira Gojanović, Nikolina Ivezić, Lili Jurinec, Dijana Kočica, Chantal Laurin, Wilie Marlowe, Tatjana Politeo, Ivana Režek, Nataša Stanišić


Concept: Ivana Režek

Video screening at the opening: "Seeking Kali" project, curated by Ria Vanden Eynde, Susan Shulman, and William Evertson



Dijana Kocica                     Nataša Stanišić                        Willie Marlowe



Tatjana Politeo                   Krešimira Gojanović                Chantal Laurin



Nikolina Ivezić                     Ivana Režek                     Lili Jurinec


A group show of artwork inspired by archetypal themes - fundamental types of characters or situations embedded in the collective unconscious of all human beings

In this invitational exhibition, the artists were asked to create artwork dealing with an archetypal, ubiquitous, universal theme that they themselves personally find important, or feel connected to and would like to explore.


Love stories have served as inspiration to Kresimira Gojanovic and Chantal Laurin - Kresimira presents works from her 'Eros and Psyche' series, exploring the ancient myth and its psychological analysis and application to modern relationships, while Chantal illustrates an all-too-familiar love scenario in a charming and witty way. And Tatjana Politeo's works (from her 'Relationships' series) combine the nostalgic old portraits. images and texts with child-like embellishments in a scrap-book like collages, illustrating the love and reverence felt towards family members and ancestors.


Many of Willie Marlowe's artworks have references to ancient art and archeology, and in this show she presents series of  four small-scale paintings with a split screen, in which organic forms speak to the forces of nature and the geometric structures refer to an eternal attempt to seek order. Nature has inspired Dijana Kocica as well - she establishes a connection between the motion of the branches of a tree and the beginnings of dance in her mixed-media installation titled "Roots of Dance".


Nikolina Ivezic, in her series of prints titled 'Bang-Bang', presents two opposite, extreme views of women - woman seen as a helpless victim, or as a violent predator, depicted in both cases in a modern, pop style due to the fact that in the modern world these depictions of women are more common than ever.  Ivana Rezek's contribution to the show are illustrations of Tarot cards - which Jung regarded as representing archetypes, Leary as a blueprint for human experience, and which psychoanalysts considered as a useful tool of self-perception.


Natasa Stanisic's collages  depict  human longing for establishing connection with the Divine, the need for love from a cosmic 'parent', and the ideas of transcendence and the afterlife, while the works of Lili Jurinec, inspired by the energy and importance of water (both symbolic and actual) and combining photographs and watercolors, evoke the primordial ocean.


At the opening night we will be screening the videos of the Seeking Kali project, curated by Ria Vanden Eynde, Susan Shulman, and William Evertson "Born of a discussion of myth and archetype, the manifestations of Kali are many. She is mother, she is goddess in all her glory, she devours time as a symbol of dissolution and destruction. Kali destroys ignorance and restores order."


Ivana Režek