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28.04. - 19.05.2011

"You are waiting for us?"
Anđela Mujčić






Anđela Mujčić




Funny, concise and original work comes from Andjela Mujcic. Her figures, similar to those in old photos, carefully painted and than cut out from hardboard, look at us with enigmatic, paradigmatic, joking, nutty expressions. They seem to be more surprised at what they see (and they see us) than we are at what we see (and we see them). What must we look like? The legitimacy of the strategy to adopt whatever they like gives the modern artist countless possibilities for creating their own works of art. We can find these tendencies in Andjela’s poetics. Her characters, having left photos and beeing uotside the frame (the frame in the traditional understanding of the painting, as a rectangular frame over which canvass is stretched), are recontestualised – they reject the old and get a new meaning. Andjela chellenges the limitations of the medium intelligently placing some figures in the upper part of the frame, i.e. placing the small-size projections of the classic painting and the enlarged pictures of the objects of the same motive one next to other.


Miodrag Kutlešić