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Boris Semov









In his opus “Sharing extension” (2010/11), Boris Semov is a creator of saturated visual extracts taken from the world of the virtual reality. His two-dimensional computer generated pictures crisscross numerous intimate narratives, not only his own personal ones, but also his web interlocutors'. They crisscross fragments of objects that create sense of timelessness, as well as details of the everyday life, which within the artistic amalgam gain new, at moments abstract meaning. 

By means of the video, which represents a type of intermediary complement, the live conversation between the artist and his interlocutors shall be broadcasted over Skype. In such a way, the artist introduces the feature-time, thus emphasizing the dynamics of the internet communication. However, in case with Semov, it seems that the very fluidity accomplished through the coloristic shades, suggests the ephemeral interactive and intermediary characteristics, as basic elements of the internet inspired art.

This intimistic artist takes as a point of reference the communicative semantics, accentuating especially the internet-communication made possible through one of the social networks – the Skype. In addition, the artist’s researches are not limited solely to the optical principles enabled through the technology, but they reveal the interest in the technological possibility “to be seen, what otherwise could not be seen nor heard”. 

Indubitably, the animated sequences speak of building one’s own identity within the cyber space, as well as of the possibility of its being re-built with each further initiation of the terminals. Along these lines, the artist raises the question if the means of communication alter the way in which we experience ourselves and the others around us. In this unique manner, he creates intimate and profound collages of figurative images, objects and monochrome colored surfaces, so that the actions in his works of art develop within the frame of timelessness and, at moments, they seem to put emphasis on the incorporeal existence of the internet.

M-r Bojana Janeva – Semova, an Art historian