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27.05. - 09.06.2011
"Tempus  Liqvidum"
Sinisha Kashavelski, Malerei
Konstnatin Kachev, Malerei







Konstnatin Kachev

Sinisha Kashavelski


Konstnatin Kachev & Sinisha Kashavelski


...The efficiency maybe lies in the speed of the electronic information which we exchange daily trough the internet, SMS, MMS, e-mail... However the power and the quality to communicate is within our selves, in our emotions which everyone of us expresses differently, with a very personal and unrepeatable " handwriting ", through a painting, a film, a book, a letter, a touch or just a simple conversation.

  It is very important that we feel an emotion, a real fluid. We must have a feeling that we are present here and now, and not just like some electronic cell, but like real human beings that are spiritually connected. Nature created us all with a purpose to leave better things behind, for those that will come after, until the time abandons us.

from the Author Konstantin Kachev