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 Dz. Nikocevic & N. SAbovic



28.01. bis 10.02.2011

“Berührungen der Illusion” - Malerei

Dzevdet Nikocevic & Šabovic Nizira

Bosnien und Herzegowina





Dzevdet Nikocevic



Šabovic Nizira





Dzevdet Nikocevic & Šabovic Nizira









The first encounter of an observer/spectator with an art work is usuallu crucial. That is the time when spectators create their judgment on the presented work wich can be expressed as eiter good or bad.After that the art work can be further analyzed they can try to give it certain time and place, and than to put it in related art groups according to certain subject , technique , style , and composition.Time needed for this analysis depends , of course , on a degree of knowledge of individual spectator related to the art work presented to him.After the art work has given or has not given some answers to as many questions as the spectator knew how to ask , he can begin with analysis of the next exhibit.

During the first encounter with paintings of Dzevdet Nikocevic the spectator looks at paintings created using oil on convas technique which is one of artitic expression forms that has almost extinguished in the era of Contemporary art that has no appreciation for color scheme, perspective, and composition. There is nothing that can lead us to the time nor the place , and as it is a case with other monochrome painters, a question simply has to be asked - has the Art in general , reached its very beginnings?

So , the only conclusion that one might find after seeing Nikocevic,s paintings for the first time is that paintings are in fact yelow. And for this reason only these paintings should be seen once more.

Since everything that should compose an art work can be found on these paintings or around them.Using exclusively one color the author is firm in his efforts to fulfill all the things a painting asks for. Therefor, he completely, or to say it differently, almost completely neglects a general form while putting in an abstract arrangement everything that can figuratively imply to something material or concrete, and at the same time using just one element - color which is , as the basic painter,s component , still the most concrete of all other components.

While concetrating mainly on macrostructure of the painting, the painter has an almost filigrees patience in composing while in the same time discomposing a structure of the general form that is to be reconstructed in its entirety only in front of spectator,s eyes. As for the impressionist,s technique of disposing colors and mathematically precise feligree work of artist Sairra, he has developed them to perfection while , in the same time , creating tricks of optical art with extreme lightness. So , on his paintings we can recognize traces of artistic tradition dated an entire century from now , and all of that is presented to us in just one color yelow , bearer of different meaning from different centuries - from jealousy, melancholy various mental and pathological conditions, to obsession. Artists have used this color has imposed it self as an unavoidable component. It is obvious that this color was unavoidable for Nikocevic as well, althought being closed in that yellow world he is not bothered with its meaning as much as with a constant search for bring life to the color.

He is trying to put this color in a contex where it will be self - sufficient whille, at the same time, satisfying all required components of this artistic technique. His yelow color will rise up with the new life. It is almost like the color has been given a kind of energy flowing strait from the sun, it is almost like we can feel heart beats emerging from this painting setting free this energy along with artistic perspective and artistic form. For this very reason a light plays almost a crucial role in his artistic presentation.Light gives intensity to every little movement composing the painting.That very light is giving us possibility to look at different aspects of one painting depending on the viev point. One thing is for sure , at the moment when the light cease to exist these painting seem like dying, loosing color scheme and perspective andcomposition.

Variations on the theme of Nikocevic,s paintings are also interesting in relation to a motif. There is almost a periodical appearance of geometrical shapes in more or less significant number, and even an appearance of geometrical shapes in more or less significant number , and even an appearance of alphabet signs that are here naturallu presented in the most abstract and completely unreadable form aiming more towards making contact with the spiritual world then towards giving the painting some specific meaning. Art works of Dzevdet Nikocevic are yet another confirmation of the fact that art of painting is special and incomparable to any other art form.Even at the first glance, it becomes clear that not all art forms can develop that art by using just one word , note movement. Using just one color, Nikocevic made that theory possible and real, and finally he created an art from it.


Ivana Jevdjevic