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27.01. - 09.02.2012

Vanity Race

Hristina Zafirovska





Hristina Zafirovska


We’re running, we’re running.. not turning back.

Not looking if we run over someone... passer-by, acquaintance, so called friend maybe, partner. While hurrying and stealing opportunities we lost our offspring, identity. Our own truth. By erasing part of ourselves, we became incomplete letting delusive truth guide us to our goal.Taken over by disintegrated values, wade love, we touched the gutter of life thinkingwe’re on top. Where lie is ahead of the truth, prestige is leading, vanity boost psyche and delusive power. However, the attempt to impose coulisse idea will endure as much as the actuality of the present show. Timeless are only those whose intention is finding the truth or essence of a problem and in most cases they don’t need lavish coulisses for hiding their shallow performance.We're living in a time where spectacles evicted those looking for mechanisms to find relatively solid referent structure, which no matter of the any influence will find a way to be in tune with the contemporary tendency, as opposed to violent and aimless pursuit for unnecessary epithets and glory. Vanity is shown through captured characters in the line. (as association to our own captivity made through the image of false appearance and “word” which price is decreased to minimum), with ember surface and domination of color contrast as association for (reverse reflection of the truth).


Hristina Zafirovska


Direction/final goal – increasing consciousness of the visitors for their personal identity.

Identity which every independent person carries. Acts are revolt against superficial semblance and reality, character similarities, copying upraised ideal towards particular person. Copying which unfortunately is not averted in visual arts either.