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Ira Schneider

Durch die erhellung

Urs Jaeggi & Kulz-Mackenzie

Igor Toshevski

 Filipova Kitanovska&Naumoska 

Natasha S. Zafirovska

Krunislav Stojanovski

Wadim Rakowski

Dragana Brankovic 

Looking throught Landscape

portrayed art







"Dynamische Duo"
Performance, Malerei
Simonida Filipova Kitanovska &

Kasiopeja Naumoska
Aktionsmalerei, Performance










Simonida’s creations extend from oil and acrylic paintings to performance and installation art where she explores fusion of visual art with music and sound. Simonida has received various awards. She lived and worked in Boston from 1991-1997 and was artist-residence in Cites Des Artes in Paris 2009. She has exhibited at over one hundred solo and group shows in Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia, France, USA, Germany, Bulgaria, Australia, Armenia and Greece. Simonida was born in 1965 in Skopje, Macedonia. She graduated from the Skopje Art Academy in 1988. She is a member of the Association of Visual Artists of Macedonia (DLUM) since 1988.


Kasiopeja’s works are a mastery of emotion through abstract human form. They convey simplicity, state of mind, state of being - from darkness to light, from tension to contentment, from love to hate, but with a visual beauty that makes her work compeling. Ms. Naumoska was born and lives in Skopje, Macedonia. A graduate from the School of Applied Arts in 1986 and Faculty of Fine Arts in 1993 in Skopje, Kasiopeja has been exhibiting her works internationally since 1994 and was awarded Petar Mazev Award for painting by Association of Artists of Macedonia in 2003. __ The entire esthetics of the composition is based upon the color, line, light. From a stylistic viewpoint her language is complete; the color, the line, the form of the composition are balanced into a unique ideal fulfillment, the so-called holly trinity, where one cannot tell when one of them starts and where the other one ends. Her paintings are layered and deliberately intercrossed by different experiences and moods, thus releasing herself of an entire particular logic, in favor of the dictate of the senses and feelings, with an elaborate, contemplative power, with outburts of inner energy and the psychic vibration on the emotional diagram than result in certain artworks with particular esthetics. - Dora Andova Foteva