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 Ira Schneider  

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Looking throught Landscape

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15.11. - 26.11.2013
"2000+13 Photographs"

Ira Schneider
Ira Schneider







2000 photographs projected + 13 mounted on the walls.

This is the continuation of the series started by Ira Schneider in 2012 where he presented 2000 projected images + 12 hanging on the walls. New pictures are included in this presentation.
Included are some photographs taken as early as 1952.

Schneider started still photography in 1949 and made experimental films in the 60s, than independent video in '69. He participated in the First Group Video Art Exhibition in NYC May '69. The artist makes his own kind of non-narrative videos, video performances, comedies and multi-monitor video installations; recipient of Guggenheim Fellowship 1977, National Endowment for the Arts 1978, Fulbright Advanced Fellowship 1993. Mediakunstpreis, ZKM, 2003 and recipient of the Hannah Hoech Prize, 2006, Berlin;
Gallery shows: Walden, Berlin 2007, Kunstpunkt, Berlin 2008, Prima Center and Freies Museum, both Berlin 2011. “2000+12 Photographs” at the Freies Museum Berlin in 2012.
Among his video presentations: Rencontres International Film Festival, Paris, Madrid, Berlin 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011; Director's Lounge, Berlin at the opening of the Berlinale 2013,
Museum exhibitions: “Video Skulptur” Cologne, Berlin 1989; Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid 2006; “Changing Channels”, MuMoK, Vienna 2010; “Remote Control” ICA London 2012.