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Ira Schneider

Durch die erhellung

Urs Jaeggi & Kulz-Mackenzie

Igor Toshevski

Filipova-Kitanovska & Naumoska

 Natasha S. Zafirovska  

Krunislav Stojanovski

Wadim Rakowski

Dragana Brankovic 

Looking throught Landscape

portrayed art








Natasha Stankovska Zafirovska












Objects… Things… Shapes…

Intertwined shadows dancing on walls,

Reliefs drawn from yearning lived,

Memories sculpted in a piece of wood,

Crowded thoughts in a sliver of bronze,

Warm emotions in cold marble.

History is embellished with arts,

Works live in eternity.


Oh, if my thoughts should rejoice daily,

I wish I was struck by a force carried by inspiration,

To be touched by art so I can create it too…

If not to be remembered, then to experience it

So that the heart can be full of beauty,

To feel the wise moment,

To meet a touch

In life’s embrace.


Illuminations… music, poetry, drama, show, film, a painting on the wall…

Each new meeting with the artistic expression results with a question in the attempt to interpret it. Regardless of how much the artist is distant from nature, from subjects, she nevertheless returns to it in her act of creation where her internal spaces are projected into the sphere of visual sensation and with delight discovers her own answer to things. By unifying thoughts and emotions, the spiritual and the material she creates pieces that take us into the world of magic, mysticism, the world of dreams and reality, pieces with artistic symbiosis for the enigma of human existence.

The play of lines, colours and the protruding or recessed forms created by the artist’s imagination, regardless of how much they are visually or rationally linked to some manifestation, are still symbols of a certain perception. The pieces are a testimony to the trembling of a restless, longing nature where beauty is a creative challenge, in contrast to the gray urban and noisy life, linking the real with the imaginary, the visual with the fantasy. Art knows no end, there is constant movement, change, transformation of objects, where the artists seeks the form in her pieces in known and unknown states, imagination, fantasy, rapture…

The world of the spirit, the mind, the senses takes us to new, unfamiliar destinations while searching for the answer to human existence, taking us back to memories, desires, thoughts about beauty and the joy of living…

Elena Pop Aleksova






Natasha Stankovska Zafirovska nurtures painting where colour plays a dominant role of strong expressive tool in her works. Imagine,  she materializes colour therefore builds an interesting composition with asymmetrical shedule and mutual placed of the elements, which are not just an illustration but also a description of a world from her dream, memory and fantasy.

The sequences which Natasha Stankovska Zafirovska paints are with meanningful narration which produce a feeling of dynamics between the base which colorist parties are tinting creating a sfumato atmosphere on which the colouristic intensity is built on, strengthened by the interesting structure solutions with insertion of non painting materials, which create effects in the decoratively labelled that the colour is the strongest which gives the positive contra punt of her works.

With her painting, you can feel the graphic layer out the paint, which in certain due to the academic period of education and her influence of the artistic aesthetic and the way of the artistic image.