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Ira Schneider

Durch die erhellung

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 Igor Toshevski  

Filipova-Kitanovska & Naumoska

Natasha S. Zafirovska

Krunislav Stojanovski

Wadim Rakowski

Dragana Brankovic 

Looking throught Landscape

portrayed art







Igor Toshevski












In many ways, Igor Toshevski has always been involved in the generation and work of several art groups and collectives in Macedonia. From these collaborations he has emerged as an artist eager to explore a variety of aspects in visual language. Among his first experiences is the activity with the artist group Zero from Skopje which played a substantial role in the development of the alternative art scene in Macedonia in the 1980’s. Within its framework, Toshevski directs his further interests toward the research of certain socio-political topics establishing the ready-made as the central point of his conceptual works. During the 1990’s, he devotes his work to projects whose critical stance becomes explicitly present in his eclectic installations and various performances. His work is shown in several significant exhibitions such as “After the Wall (2000), the Cetinje Biennale “Love It or Leave It” (2004) and, with group Zero, the 54th Venice Biennale (2011).

His most important works deal with issues such as economy transition (Dossier, 1996/97), human rights (Perfect Balance, 2000) and divisions regarding ethnicity, politics and language (Territories, 2004-2011).

In 2012, Toshevski is one of the founding members of the collective Kooperacija whose main strategy as an initiative is the production and exhibiting of contemporary art, public debates and artist actions exclusively outside the institutional framework.

Beside his activities as artist, Toshevski is the author of several texts about Macedonia’s art scene. He is also frequently engaged as a production designer and art director for feature films.

"Rekollektionen" is a conglomerate of several projects Toshevski produced in collaboration with other artists or works which were executed within a structure of independent art initiatives. His reinterpretation of identity through means of public art, photo manipulation and interventions in space is a critical approach to agendas such as censorship, identity engineering and freedom of speech, which Toshevski sees as problematic in his country today.