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 Agron Saliu

Zusammen in der Vielfalt

face to face


Drei Positionen

Euge Borkovsky

Goce Andonoski


27.06. - 10.07.2014
Agron Saliu





                Agron Saliu




“Notes Related” to the vague sorrow


Devout and unrepeatable mystic, Mevlana, with the easy of a master ,who has already captured the deepest trembling of a human spirit, reveals to us a tearing formulation over the poetry, away from the pile of the dry definitions. Poems, he says, are related notes of music that we have inside. Conceptually fine art portraits are in line with these “notes”, that through spiritual colors bring the deepest trembling of a human being,the scours of vague of a spiritual and psychological world. Also, Agron Saliu’s portraits, are derived from these depth of vague, that afterwards, through the creative laboratory, come to us with the stunning beauty. They are faces of people, carrying on its own shock,deadly uplift,ontological sorrow,world amazement and endless surrenders. Come individually and in group,they come as shocked loners, but also with ather,mainly with a metaphoric beckground of limitless colors. There are faces free from crowds and actualiy, there are faces modulated from the ontological sorrow that open wide their eyes before the un perceived,before the blade of surprise that multiplies in the gallery of emages. The frameworks in this case are just a formality, because, the sensitivities that these portraits bring could not be frameworked, they as mythic clouds permeate the mythical geography of the human spirit.Sometime they approach in curious views and sometime they attached to the psychological “distortion”.Every line and every color,as if seeking to grasp the deepest darkness of the human beings,flying particles of the passion and disappointment… Agron Saliu,with these paintings,with lots of creativity and certainty takes a step into the world of art,giving us planty of portraits,which remain universes on their own. Are these just some “related notes”for his portraits.Furthermore,I invite each of you to keep their own notes,just like we are told by,Mevlana.

Bardhyl Zaimi