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26.09. 10.10.2014
"PARCE QUE C'EST LA NUIT" / "because its the night"

Kristina Aleksandrovska







     Kristina Aleksandrovska


Where poetry and art meet...

The last work, beautiful series of bizarre beauty, full of despair, tenderness, mild bestiality, naughty evil, difference, difference between you and others, all the others, indifferent difference worthy of coldness isolated aristocrats, alone, lost, exiles, paranoid, grew up in the heart of the adventure to redo everything all over again in the dark poetic, romantic, enigmatic, sensitive and dark nights... Beautiful series of black and white, to talk on a bench at night in Paris, regardless of the season, as the flight of ravens insomniacs, In the silence of a quiet square, close to the pleasure of living with strangers. A quiver of a bird wing scares us but he looks at us with love, a love frightened with selfishness an entire character, playfully, with his infinite sincerity. The loves of the black night follow us throughout life, we pursue in thought, dreams or nightmares it is in our attention to ourselves, and the stories of nights releases an accomplice heart, a friend, a lover, we make creative awarness that is lost for a few moment, when we remember this, the trap of passing time, the illusion of time, when we forget that each moment or each story is a fate, far and always near, every day, every night, under the towers, by playing all the rounds...
"Pasce que c'est la nuit" - last series work reflects a dark and poetic, infinitely detailed, fine, pure, strange and suggestive drawings and photos. Represent tender and delicate monsters, places and spaces, telencephalon demanding, night birds, little angels with wings discrete. Outside the usual forms, eyes strangely detached, they are watching us by the art of Kristina Aleksandrovska, a Slavic artist of Paris.

Bruno Jamin