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Dimitar Hristov

Milan Andov


Kristina Aleksandrovska

 Atanas Botev

Agron Saliu

Zusammen in der Vielfalt

face to face


Drei Positionen

Euge Borkovsky

Goce Andonoski


29.08. - 12.09.2014
Lucid Synesthetic Dialogue"
Atanas Botev










Lucid Synesthetic Dialogue 

Atanas Botev connects Macedonian fine art with pop-surrealism and the Lowbrow movement. His artistic world results from the clash of two forces – disintegration (political, cultural, religious, sexual, national) and integration (globalization, multiculturalism, multiconfessionalism, transsexualism, new world order…) Social reality has long been esthetized, which means packed, fetishized and libidinized. The images have been recuperated and multiplied countless times in digitalized media. The world is reduced to a stage, screen or illustrated magazine. This is where he finds his models and formal solutions, with irony and humor, through layers of Hollywood quotes and stereotypes deeply rooted into the collective unconscious, borrowing from the endless repertoire of images of popular media pseudo-myths and pop-icons, as well as from the recycled history of art. There radicalism and revolutionary historic rhetoric has been replaced with irony, persiflage and provocation.

Emil Aleksiev