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 Dimitar Hristov

Milan Andov


Kristina Aleksandrovska

Atanas Botev

Agron Saliu

Zusammen in der Vielfalt

face to face


Drei Positionen

Euge Borkovsky

Goce Andonoski


28.11 - 12.12.2014
Like it is
Dimitar Hristov










Dimitar Hristov presents us with glimpses of the world he is surrounded with through intimate moments discovered through light.
He observes for days and months. His approach of representing the surrounding world is without some kind of expectation or ideology of approach of how a subject should look. 
They become a residue of a process of documenting of what has been observed, they present us with the time passed in front of the subject.
The vision of Dimitar of his world is honest and concrete.

Darja Nagel