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Dimitar Hristov

 Milan Andov


Kristina Aleksandrovska

Atanas Botev

Agron Saliu

Zusammen in der Vielfalt

face to face


Drei Positionen

Euge Borkovsky

Goce Andonoski


31.10. - 10.11.2014
Milan Andov









“ T R A N S F E R E N C E ”


Topic related to the psychological phenomenon of unconscious redirection of feelings and desires. This phenomenon was first described by Sigmund Freud as very important and completely normal and does not constitute underlying pathology in itself.

Quite interesting enough to be presented through a series of paintings in a special way, articulating the psychological expression of the characters which are transformed from the realistic to the idealized images with high lightened distortions, giving it the sense of fuzziness and ambiguity.

Deep psychological arousal can be detected in the suggestive colors, the minimum coloration applied with energetic brush strokes, bringing the viewer to the point of recognition and connecting him to this phenomenon.

Associative forms and the “dripping “ effects further emphasize the atmosphere of the subconscious and the vague. In that, the characters are repeating in several repetitive plans suggesting the unconscious repetition and the transfer of emotions.