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Loves me/Loves me not

Goran Menkov

 Doroti Packova

Boriana Pertchinska

Ilija Prokopiev

Elena Alceva


Marija Koneska

Ivanco Talevski

4 Künstler - D in Wedding

Andrea Covic

Snezana Maletin

Sechs Positionen

EARTH effects




30.10. - 25.11.2015
"Come, go with me to my Wonderland"
Doroti Packova











To be or not to be an artist, or how to be an artist today?
To bring art in everyday life and take risks without fear and always prioritize justice, even if everyone else thinks you are crazy, is the essence of being artist today..
We, the artists, are there to inspire, to provoke, to mobilize, to bring hope to people, we are like everybody else. We can't produce commodities to be sold on the market place, which is why our activities remain us alienated and deformed. The aim of progressive artists is to destroy their privileged role as specialized non-specialists, and to recognized different ways to recreated society and active participate in the construction of better world. Culture is a form of resistance.

„In its most general expression, critical art is a type of art that sets out to build awareness of the mechanisms of domination to turn the spectator into a conscious agent of world transformation. The quandary that plagues the project is well known. On the one hand, understanding does not, in and of itself, help to transform intellectual attitudes and situations. The exploited rarely require an explanation of the laws of exploitation. The dominated do not remain in subordination because they misunderstand the existing state of affairs but because they lack confidence in their capacity to transform it. [...] [Insofar as it asks viewers co discover the signs of Capital behind everyday objects and behaviors,] critical art risks being inscribed in the perpetuity of a world in which the transformation of things into signs is redoubled by the very excess of interpretative signs which brings things to lose their capacity of resistance.“ (Rancičre, 2009: 45-6)
I provoke you, take what you've got and let's create some noise!

In unity with all the matters of value that oppose the ones of belonging and togetherness, I suggest all of us to endure in our battles for our dreams, for all the ones that were and are unable to kneel, the ones that canceled obedience in this foundation and epidemic province with an sole horizon of centrifugal insanity where nothing flows and nothing changes. I am very pleased we can begin a critical dialogue and re-construct the ruins of our lives, creations, efforts, art and culture. I am also excited that we open a whole new series of opportunities and actions so we can give resistance through clear libertarian and constructive attitude and elements of subversiveness at all levels.The need to create even in times of trouble, is the creative power that wе accumulate running through the bureaucratic labyrinths, the progressiveness of anti authoritarian structure of thoughts, the minds that manage to push against the attacks of the majority, the ability to deflect the mass hypnosis and all the shapes of rebellion as well as the last years practice of individuality and autonomy, are a result of two decades of suffocating the uniqueness and castration of the critical thought. The entire phenomena of post-modern art is a battle, a battle for survival and a hope for independence and an effort to stay away from the everyday norms, rules, conventions and repeating the patterns as well as the unsuccessful social mechanisms and against the commercial goals. According to Liotari, the most important feature about art is the thing it does or the thing that it affects. The most important thing is to create any kind of potential energy that will make changes in the society. The rebellious desire can mostly be found in art that goes against the regime and the conventions. The authentic art is a powerful force that comes with privileges, a means for social critique and an instrument for liberation. The subversive art in action interrupts the established circulation of things and creates openness and with them a potential for changes within the area of the societal system that is closed and predictable and which we see as a battlefield where a lot of different ideologies stand.


The relationship between the public the institutions and the society plays a major role to the importance of the act of subversive art action. We know that our society has been taken away from us, the institutions have been kidnapped and the public is being privatized so we prepare our fighting stance, we arm ourselves with subversion and wave the flags of individuality, resistance and autonomy all over the place, because wherever we saw our seeds we are banished by the autocrats so by default we become subversive, no matter if we wear different kinds of socks, if we dance on the streets or express different personal opinions. So we have the choice to rewrite graffiti which call for universality and spread nationalism, sexism and political messages or we can choose to live in a different way, to create art plays or to create art from ourselves. If we choose the latter we will cause certain changes with the goal to create a different model for living in a more positive light, we change paradigms and establish the foundations for many new discourses which we will be thanked for by the future generations. If freedom is an illusion we leave it to the ones behind us!