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EARTH effects




27.11. - 04.12.2015
"Stale Art, Hibernation-Reanimation"
Goran Menkov









Stale Art, Hibernation-Reanimation

The biodegradation of organic mater enables the recycling of energy. The forms which the artworks are presenting are a living
organism which in the correct conditions always harvests its potential for surviving and thriving. The conditions necessary for the creation of these artworks are polar opposite to the conditions that are strictly required for the preventive conservation of the traditional artistic artifacts.

The works are created and exhibited in a special mold chamber, where the required conditions (temperature, humidity, air intake)
for the growth and prosperity of the mold colonies are achieved.

In contrast to the previous exhibition Stale Art, Hibernation, where the work was in a state of hibernation, and the progress of
the mold colonies was conditionally halted, in this instance (exhibiting the work in a special mobile mold chamber) with mounting it in the required optimal conditions, the work harvests it’s hidden potential, it activates, reanimates, the mold colonies are renewed and the process of there progress continues, and at the expense of there success the process of degradation of the painting surface continues as well.The works are part of the Stale Art series, created on variations of traditional painterly surfaces : stretched canvas on a wooden frame, plywood and drywall as to be integrated in the visual art system.

The artist initially intervenes on the painting surface to created the basic general form, but he is not directly involved in the
process of creating the specific forms. The spores from which the mold colonies are latter on formed are gathered from the vicinity of the artists surroundings.