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29.04.- 13.05.2016
Snezana Maletin, Vladimir Marko
Grafik und Malerei



Die Ausstellung steht unter der Schirmherrschaft des Betreuungsbüros Pekas












Prints were created in a period from November 2015. to March 2016. They are a product of work with safe and nontoxic materials in process of printmaking. Some prints are made in the direct painting technique on linoleum with aqua wash print colors. Since colors contain oil and they not absorbing water, I used to make experiments with greasy and wet surfaces and to made moves with a sponge or a moistened brush. Passing over with a roller, it changing the character of surface. These prints are monotypes and each print is unrepeatable. Besides, I used lithography technique also. Lithography is a technique that works on the lithographic stone. However, in some prints I replicated lithography technique by additional using of the aluminum foil and Coca-Cola in function of liquid. This is quite new technique that appears recently under the name of “the kitchen lithography” and it enables escaping from toxic materials in the process. Since I am art teacher in Gymnasium I successfully tested this technique in the class. It enables revival of print techniques in educational surrounding since it is safe way of dealing with.


Here displayed printmakings are results of above investigations. I tried to find appropriate results of the discovered technique that corresponds with my personal feelings and artistic experience.



Vladimir Marko (b. Belgrade, 1961) was active in various solo and collective projects focusing primarily on the urban mainly non-institutional collaborative activities.

During early 80’s, in the former Yugoslavia, many young artists from Novi Sad (capital of Yugoslavian province of Vojvodina), that explores and works on new media and new forms of artistic expressions, had been faced with different kinds of social and political misunderstandings as well as institutional obstacles. Without usual institutional support they were forced to find their own moods of production and public presentation. That means, to search or to create alternative spaces and ways parallel to those officially recognized. Visual artists, writers, composers and musicians used to make wide, flexible and mutually interconnected informal networks. Beside many lacks of this approach, these circumstances have many advantages in respect to freedom of expression and to way of overcoming conventional limitations. During the last over thirty years, in this parallel (from time to time marginal) ambient, Marko was engaged in different projects with many artists that shares this common platform. Following this unconstrained artistic concept, not obeyed to accepted standards or to main stream production, his personal or collaborative works, mainly non-commercially or academically oriented, includes different media of presentation – from music, happenings, short films and movies, radio shows, publications, ready made or other artistic objects, many of them critically related to social reality of the local ambient.Last several years Marko is active as a member of Happy Trash Production) – a group of artist investigating problems concerning relations spreading art, popular culture and memory as well as the symbolical treatment and interpenetration of oblivion. Big retrospective exhibition of HTP – “The Anatomy Lesson of Still Life and Society” – was held in Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia, Oct. 2014 (according to the organizer, the exhibition was one of the most visited; TV report, Museum brochure, museum site). Works of HTP were included in an exhibition representing the last hundred years of art in Vojvodina (Premonition / Blood / Hope) that took place in Vienna’s Künstlerhaus, during November 2014.Present exhibition covers Marko’s works made during the last years, produced in egg-tempera technique. These works are in accordance with some of basic principles he follows during the years that are unconstrained to preferences of academically accepted form or style and committed only to emphasize their central narrative subject. Every of paintings are inspired and accompanied with some lines from either text or poems of Ovidius, B. Dylan, S. Beckett, W. Borchert, jazz songs, etc. 

Vladimir Marko (B.A. in Philosophy, Belgrade University; PhD, Comenius University, Bratislava) is actually working as a lecturer in Mathematical Logic and Philosophy of Science at Faculty of Philosophy, Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia. Central subject of his professional work is the reconstruction of ancient logical arguments and paradoxes by tools of modern formal logic.


Marko is living on the way between Bratislava and Novi Sad.