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27.05. - 07.06.2016
"Conditional Circle"
Marija Sotirovska - Bogdanovska












Conditional Circle

The exhibition Conditional Circle by Marija Sotirovska-Bogdanovska formally consists of four differentiated sections through which an intimate story that touches the appearance and content of the various social, societal and gender systems of values is presented… The cyclical repetition of our existence, the categories of time and space, the perceptual and the visual are present again in the latest project Conditional Circle, by the insertion of a new element - embroidery, which with its direct relation with the popular embroidery and the female principle in the tradition, initiates and completes the whole gender story of circular conditionality… Untraditional embroidery ornaments and geometrical motifs in different colors and shades dominate in Sotirovska; the author, by modernizing this skill, changes and slightly derides this important clothing element in determining the social, economic and gender status of the person wearing it… As before, the complexity of this seemingly simple story is read not only in the treatment of all listed elements, but also in their functional structure - these intimate situations, exposed before the eyes of the public, receive a status of confession, and continually review and criticism of the gender and social positions. Again, the work finally aims to freeing from the traditional conservative social impacts and suggests rejection of the constraints, stereotypes and false moral characteristics of cultural history and cultural identity that are conditionally inherited from social suppression…

Text from Maja Cankulovska – Mihajlovska