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25.03. - 08.04.2016
"Die Werke den großen Glauben"
Foto und Videodokumentation
Zoran Iliev-Roger















Of the book Infinity by the author Zoran Iliev

Made by the architect Dr. Mumen Abuarkub


Every idea that doesn’t have a specific and defined platform, nor absolute implementation of the process, is not valid.


The builders – artists in their profession, have decorated their homes with deferent decorative elements like columns, arches on the entrance doors, floors, windows all the way to the frames of the doors.


The author of the book (Infinity) and the creator of this object where we stand today, gives a clear example of the organic connection between the exterior on the outside and the interior on the inside, that is of exceptional value and great attention dedicated to the interior which can be noticed from the decoration of the floors and the walls, the ceiling, the vertical communication, the additional rooms, the living room, in fact each detail in the interior represents the reflection of the development of the culture and one big step towards the development of the interior whereas the author has accomplished extraordinarily high results.

The technical procedure and the application of the construction chemistry represents a high application of the development in the contemporary construction and development of new technologies.


The selection of the motifs that derive mainly form the spirit of the Macedonian architecture and tradition and with typical details of the oriental region, represent a real dialog between cultures and civilizations of the east and the west.

The use and the origin of the materials used and the sense of their composition indicate a high esthetic performance in their creation that is a real scientific challenge for each architect.

Regarding the architectural composition, the special configuration and the functional organization, the author has reached the highest architectural solutions and disciplines. Therefore, the author Zoran Iliev with his creation constructed without any sketch nor a draft done beforehand already puts an end to the dead philosophy that (we have to pay for each sketch) today the author creates other rules in the architectural design and research that (each idea can be implemented) confirming what was said by Albert Einstein that (the sense is much more important than the knowledge).


In the end, new fresh breeze started blowing on the hills of our city, and as each sign is deceiving, we stand before a new development in the architectural creations, which without a doubt will reach a renaissance with a great meaning, and still the future of this architectural miracle will always be surprising, and this object will be the center of the culture, the art and the creation of the author Zoran Iliev, for our own benefit, for the benefit of our city Skopje and for the wellbeing of the entire humanity.

Skopje, 16.09.2006

Architect Dr. Mumen Abuarkub



Zoran Iliev Roger our architect-artist, already known for his magical “Infinity house” built by the park of the Assembly in Skopje, which caught the attention of thousands art lovers, national and foreign, once again is present on the art scene this time with his newest creation – the polyvalent facility “Roger Piano” built in an idyllic surroundings far from the overcrowded city conglomerate. He has been working on the realization of this art piece with still high enthusiasm and endless source of energy, almost day and night during two years. Inspired as a man and as an artist with this object he sends out universal message not just as a Christian but also as a noble Macedonian.


Here in this object, starting from the entrance portal, the author immortalizes the entire old Macedonian music by the signs of the violin key, the musical notes, the sun, the piano, the wine and the heart – all the symbols of the highest human virtues! By opening the entrance door we can hear the beautiful song “Biljana platno bleleshe” and the continuation through the musical notes on the curtains that define the entire ambient in the endless ocean of songs – Macedonian songs! By the symbolic signs in the form of anthological display, the entire content is expressed by the abstract world of the author. In order to understand his art it is not necessary to search for the different influences, but we should look at the skillfulness of structuring the different elements together into one unique coherent unity. Further on, with each new step we can see a new story after another story with endless symbolisms!


The decorative abundance expressed through the precise elaboration of each detail through his ten fingers of the golden hands that God gave him, as well as the efforts to collect material support after 720 days of exhausting work and endless creative energy invested in it, this marvelous object was finally established and it puts Skopje on the international list of object that are each builder’s dream!


This object has multifunctional meaning and it was built in a style that cannot be attributed to any architectural style of the long history of architecture. Many details can resemble a baroque style because of the reach decorations, we could observe Greek, Roman or Arab influence, but the fact remains that they are erased of their schemes and melted in the imagination of the author in eclectic spirit. Still, after uncovering the key of the interoperation of the symbolism of the author we will conclude that it is based on his logic and justification.


Zoran Iliev Roger is a gifted artist in many aspects. Here in this broad symphony, a special touch emerges from his artwork which is original as the entire facility by with their own expression, and their symbolism. The heavy sculpture with branches “The play above Macedonia”, is located in the entrance of the garden and it lays only on one point, which is a riddle also for the bravest civil engineers!


Finally, I feel an obligation and an honor to express my support to the author for this marvelous creation which may have to wait for years to be understood, just like the creative genius Zoran – Roger.


Professor Konstantinovski

17.IX.2011, Skopje