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The latest Marija Svetieva’s exhibition under the title “Environmental Stories”, mainly tends to awake our conscience about the globally endangered ecosystem.


In her graphical expression, in the poetic naming of the sheet, there are bits and pieces of everything. In the meaning of the imprinted traces of signs, (In the tide of love, Garden of pleasure, Spring Celebration, Environmental Heaven, Garden of Dream, The Rose’s Dream, The Wisdom of the Forest…) there are bits of love, joy, wisdom, scents, dreams, of the lyric virgin-like children’s visualization of the world, a world completely different form the adult’s one. All the listed and unlisted details, hover and influence the observer’s perception as a therapeutic aura.


The creation principle Svetieva has adopted allows her line to constantly travel, “dream”, find threads of the lost Arcadian regions which are deeply imprinted in her consciousness and conscience.


The narration in this eco-concept has been expresses in the formation of shapes through the colored sensory vibrant line. The substance itself pulses as the author dictates and emanates its inner, optimistically concentrated spiritual energy. Everything is subordinated to the tension of the colored vibrant line which in its elementary purified state radiates warmth and balance of the tone nuances. The expressive colorist games, flow uninterruptedly through the rhythmical structures and overflow from one graphic sheet to another. The action of the multilayer, foliated and blooming serenity, spontaneously flows into the observer’s eye and rewards him/her with an unusual sensory delight.


Having thoroughly researched and using a wide pallet of various graphical techniques (from classical to experimental-environmental), though the children’s light mindedness of the free moves and the purity of the colored linear rhythmical games, Svetieva conveys to the observes not only her visual skill and sensation, but also the deep humanistic message under the surface of which, silently, but at the same time clearly and loudly alarms the green SOS line.


She waives the poetics of her integral writing from “green threads”, representing both a protest and a kind of holistic appeal addressed to our individual and collective conscience.


Konca Pirkovska