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26.10. - 09.11.2018
“Littera Abstracta” 
Ana Jovanovska 







Successful communication of an idea is needed for erudite elevation of the being. The image and the letter were and will always be the tools of this transformation. Littera Abstracta exists as an author's experiment and gives insight into all those meanings and non-meanings between text - communication - image - abstraction - experience. The works explore the relation of text as a drawing and vice versa, or better put, they explore the relationship between language and art. The concept deals with artistic translation of text and ideas through experience. The works allude that communication can exist at various levels, trying to expand ways of thinking/seeing from the constraints of conditionally unchangeable things like: text is for reading, and drawing is for viewing. Communication is crucial when it comes to interpersonal relationships, and hence the relationship between man - social environment - society. The image as a medium for conveying an idea appears before what we now know and call language. From the drawings of Cave Lascaux to the street graffiti today, it has the same communicative role. With this being said, it is a language before language.

The endemic character of the sign that visually materializes the voice in a letter is crucial for the art of reading it. This way, the letters of different languages with their own alphabets, living or extinct, can not be truly recognized, or for us their sound is an enigma, then their aesthetic, artistic characteristic complements and fulfills its present dysfunction. It is perceived as a drawing, a picture of a letter to turn into an abstract and finally strip on the essence, to a sharp polygonal geometric image that will represent a singularly artistic entity. At this moment the letter dies to be resurrected as a symbol of the same. "Symbolic value is different in every one's case, when one attitude of an indcitatory or deliberate type unites the stimulating sign and the person who perceives it. Then a path for communication between the hidden meaning of an expression and the secret reality of some expectation opens" writes Alain Gheerbrant and Jean Chevalier in their Dictionary of Symbols. If the stimulus of the sign is united with the person who perceives, it signifies a bridge between the work and the viewer, ie there is some exchange of information from point A which is the carrier of the hidden and unhidden meaning to the point B which is the recipient and the processor of the transferred. From here follows the conclusion for the communication is realized.

On the question of whether the illegibility of the language of a text excludes its existence within it, embracing the basic characteristic of language - the communication, this enchanted loop can be broken by the claim that art IS a language.