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31.08. - 10.09.2018
"Solid Lies"

Goran Ristovski












“Solid Lies”


This series of black and white photographic prints titled "Solid lies" stems and is an inspiration from my / our close surroundings, for objects and spaces like our mental and physical memories. These are visual documents, stamping, finding out this type of situation and aesthetized the process of dissolution, the forgotten human process towards society. Most of the photos are designed with a two-scenes complement of one space. The space as an object, a location represented through the years that passes, serves as a visual metaphor for some promise, expectation, hope. Changes caused by the human factor, and what is worse than the thing when it is forgotten? Human invisibility and absenteeism through photographs directly captures the effect and character of the relationship directed past and present. Empty and lonely objects - spaces are symbols that compose works and refer to human passivity, its absence, emptiness, the loss of motivation as being in the creation and creation of social reality. Aesthetizing the work also aims to describe and display the state of a transitional long- lasting struggle conditioned by current social, socio-political, emotional, cultural contexts. The changes that reshape that object or the environment in the environment, left roughly in the process of their decay, their stability and failure and the consequences of their existence.These photographs should encourage reassessment of the object and its existence and effects on the human environment, with the human being and the attitude towards them and its effect on the environment, the object as manipulation through time.Through the concept of this work, I would like to encourage our consciousness and conscience, to talk about issues that we experience through our everyday life without stopping for a moment and imagining before their essential meaning.