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16.11 - 28.11.2018
“The Zero”
Ilina Arsova & Igor Hristov








The ZERO is an infinite circle of learning, growing an maturing your soul. 
A female nude in fetus position captures the serene cohesion of a human body immersed in the nature. The fetus position represents a new born, naissance, hope for a different humanity, closer to its roots and with higher respect for the nature. This performance travels from the zero point of the Pacific ocean to the highest mountains of the world, always showing the powerful surrounding, where we - the people are just a ZERO
Author of performance:
Ilina Arsova, visual artist, passionate about mountain sports like rock climbing, high altitude mountaineering and freeride skiing. The art works were mostly paintings and drawn travelogues inspired by mountain sceneries visited around the world, till the performance ZERO, where the author herself becomes part of the artwork. Arsova climbed Mt Everest in 2013 as the first lady from Macedonia, aiming to complete the extreme mountaineering challenge 7 summits. She stands to motivate other women and girls that no goal is unreachable. 
Photography and video:
Igor Hristov, film director, MA at the National academy in Sofia, on the thesis "Magical realism in the cinema". He makes short films screened at around 50 international film festivals. Passionate about photography since his high school days, he practice it till today. Enthusiastically he gets involved in the performance ZERO, where he brings up the aesthetic values, capturing emotions and expression, mixed with elements of his magical realism.