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Round Shapes
Dejan Djolev







A friend asked me "What's the background of your work"? I answered, "It is white"

“Round shapes” is an attempt to redefine the artistic and anatomical (portrait) principles, as well as the asexual (or sexual) in the act (nude) photography. At the same time, it is an attempt to define the new “perfect” form, as nonconscious tendency for self-censorship, due to the
social media policies.

Dejan Djolev is a visual artist, born in Skopje (1985).
He commenced exploring his creative sense via many forms of street art, while being part of underground movements and organizations. Being open to different art forms gave him a broad perspective on mixing different forms together to create new styles and unique works of art. He graduated at the Faculty of Art and Design at EURM - Skopje, and at moment he is completing his graduation on “Film and TV Directing” at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts at UKIM - Skopje. As an author and co-author, he appeared in many artistic media like film, photography, design, theatre, literature and music. At the same time, he appears as a producer, publisher, promoter and curator in several art forms of dozens of young Macedonian authors. He was also
engaged on critical projects in the field of education, culture and art.

He is a founder of the School of Arts and Design “Djolev and the Arts”, which school, eight years in a row, organizes educational programs in the field of art, design and other fields of contemporary creative education and practice.

He lives, studies, creates and loves in Skopje, Macedonia.