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Filip Korunovski

 FigurAktiw - Novi Sad 

Jana Jakimovska

Dejan Djolevi

Beqiri & Mexhiti

Slobodan Miloseski

Igor Angelov

Drei Positionen

Debora Steinhaus


18 Kolonie Wedding


08 - 12.11.2019

FigurAktiw - Contemporary Art from Novi Sad

Monika Sigeti, Ana Novaković









Artists from Novi Sad (Serbia) present their works at gallery Wolf & Galentz and in the project spaces Prima Center Berlin and Spor Klübü.


Monika Sigeti, Ana Novaković (Prima Center Berlin | Biesentalerstr. 24, 13359 Berlin)

Mileta Poštić, Radovan Jokić (Galerie Wolf & Galentz | Wollankstraße 112A, 13187 Berlin)

Đula Šanta, Rade Tepavčević (Spor Klübü | Freienwalder Straße 31, 13359 Berlin)



Mr Danilo Vuksanović


The heterogenous nature of art practice contains a number of seemingly familiar phenomena, which, popularly accepted throughout the several chronological and stylistic periods, are consistently found in discourses related to art occurrences.


The regional, national, and state, have long ceased to represent literal characteristic of a premeditated idea to be presented outside the borders of a country from which a particular art derives/comes from. It is because of this that each artistic deviation from established formal limits today does not signify the same action as it once did, while networked structure of contemporary artistic activities largely corresponds to the flexible manner of artistic exchange. In light of such circumstance, Vojvodina artists (four male and two female), this time go to one of the global art centers, Berlin, in order to establish in vivo communication with the audience and academic community. The readiness of “figure/ activistic” profiles in the initial group presentation implies a complex picture, mostly urban-like and engaged fine art operations.


The background of the visual legibility holds questions related to gender issues, perception of humorous sentences or eroticized patterns of pop-culture. Monika Sigeti, Ana Novaković, Radovan Jokić, Rade Tepavčević, Mileta Poštić, and Đula Šanta, have, each in their own way, in the group exhibition context, and nestled in the environment of a famous art neighborhood, implemented an energetic creative thought