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 Filip Korunovski 

FigurAktiv - Novi Sad

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18 Kolonie Wedding


29.11. - 12.12.2019
"Nicht zu wissen"
Filip Korunovski














In his exhibition titled "nicht zu wissen", Filip Korunovski the artist introduces us to his world of dramatical characters, whom looks like as if they have came out of a “noir” film. Characters which inherit the dark alleys in a fictional graphic novel like city, including a low light street lighting, full of threats, fear and erotic thrill. Characters out of the half-world, out of the shadows, public bathrooms and out of the abandoned attics with dual nature, both angelic innocent and sensual erotic. In that sense, Korunovski’s world is not ethical, but pure esthetic, occasionally “theatrical” but in a balance to remain realistic. But that artistic realism is present in embodiment of the characters trough their micro-expressions on their faces who seem as if they’re in constant quest for something, looks full of lust and in same time meditatively contemplative. It is in this contrast of the sublime and profane, the spiritual and the corporeal, the ideal and the material, that brings the emotion in us, the silent observers of these characters.


The emotion of the characters is enabled by the misbalance between the intimate content and the rudeness of the expression, but it is expressed in the stokes of the pastel and charcoals and the chromatic gamma that is used, but the author is also partially inspired by the contemporary urban murals. On one side there is emptiness, solitude, and lust for the contemporary human, but on the opposite in some moments over forced and naive optimism which are the base emotions that brought the artworks of Korunovski on this exhibition of his. 

Dean Damjanovski - PhD in Drama Arts