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Filip Korunovski

FigurAktiv - Novi Sad

Jana Jakimovska

Dejan Djolevi

 Beqiri & Mexhiti 

Slobodan Miloseski

Igor Angelov

Drei Positionen

Debora Steinhaus


18 Kolonie Wedding


30.08 - 11.09.2019
Ilirjan Beqiri & Bashkim Mexhiti







The artistic spirit of Ilirjan Beqiri is impressed by the landscape of his country, and through his imagination reword he expresses the reciprocity with it. Fields and valleys in the Beqiri’s fabric are elaborated in his imagination and afterwards presented according his spiritual reflection. To express intervention of his hand, he several times linear fences of the horizon. It seems like he wants to raise his voice against figurative restrictions of freedom, will and truth. Fortresses in his painting, in one side express the voice of conscience which stands as a giant in front of the evil, while on the other the physical survival of Illyrian gene in this expanse. Harsh and dark colors help to be expressed the anxiousness but the ideological attitude of the artist as well. The artistic work and style expressed in paintings of each of the four painters is a conceptual and figurative entirety but jointly they represent a conglomerate of figurative and artistic sky of the Albanians in Macedonia during the end of century XXI and early century XXI.

One of the figurative and pragmatic phenomena in the artistic expanse of Albanians in Macedonia is the free creative personality and ritualistic activity of the painter Bashkim Mexhiti. His artistic work expresses a figurative and rhythmic harmony and free gestures of the painter, in the aspect of the automatic action in the moment when he stands in front of the painting. His fabric contains all the ideal dimensions of his spirit, which within a short interval of time they change, develop, darken, brighten, flush, clarify. Vertical fields in his paintings in the free poetry form represent luminosity of the vertical history, respectively out of time and out of space history of existential reality, while those horizontal are darker and seems like they yowl before the material tarnish of the absolute purity of the truth. ConsequntlyBashkim Mexhiti has not tried to transfer the abstract figurative forms into the fabric, but has struggled greatly and has achieved his purpose, to use legal quantity and modality of automatic action. With this he has found the key, which ad infinitum opens the conscious room with lots of mental bedims of the Balkan man. Voringer says that the desire for the reality reword is an adequate expression of handling between man and nature that surrounds.