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Gjorgje Jovanovikj

 Angel Korunovski 

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Fritz Stier




Angel Korunovski



Skulpturen und Malerei THE CHAOTIC COSMOS, Angel Korunovski At the beginning there was Chaos. The arrangement of the chaos was called Cosmos. It was the first word, the basis of the known and of the unknown.

The oxymoronic narrative told by Angel Korunovski in the exhibition "The chaotic cosmos" synthesizes the principles on which this unity works in purpose to shape up and rename the meaning of the knowledge per se. This oxymoronic tale, told both in painting and sculpture, brings the viewer face to face with the basic questions for the origin, meaning and purpose of the cosmos, risen from the beautiful chaotic forms, shapes and textures. Korunovski`s "Chaotic cosmos" presents an unique world, world of worlds, a multiplied cosmos in need of permanent and loud chaos with one purpose only: to offer knowledge for the unknown.

Sasho Dimoski PhD in drama arts