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Dialog: Z.Radevska/N.Trajkovski

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 Valbona Atanaskovska-Bona 

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Heiko Daxl & Ingeborg Fülepp
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Valbona Atanaskovska-Bona


 06.05. - 19.05.2005








Photo: Zoran Atanaskovski Jarry





Photo: Jovan Balov


The subjects of her work are the landscape, portrait and the act, which demonstrates firm incorporation in her own surroundings. Her landscapes are made on memories, thus they are filled with light and warm expressionistic color glow. They are not painted on behalf of a direct impressionistic perception, but contain marks of intense experience of the very act of painting, as well as the knowledge of color and composition. The drawing defines the form, which has been treated in color and flat, in the line of recent acts. A special attention has been given on the contour line, as well as on the rhythmic connection of the whole. Nevertheless, predomination is expressed by a vivid, colorful and almost melody-like intermingling, as well as the expressive modeling of widely colored surfaces. The exotic sense contributes to a certain decorative effect of the painted acts. Bona does not follow popular trends but her instinct and artistic logic. Her work attracts attention, especially with its clear and abundant forms, and the colors that burst with child’s pure joy, interacting energy in both directions.

Vladimir Velickovski, member of the AICA