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19.06. – 19.09.2009

IMPRESSIONS: Berlin Art Scene

Museum of Modern Art Skopje, Macedonia





 Impreeions: Berlin Art Scene



Work in Progress - Stuttgart

Brave New World - Berlin



MC Gallery - New York



Easy Transort



Meething the Angel

Alian Body



 Not in the sky & on the earth



 Foreign Visions



 Der Spigel








On 19th of June 2009 in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Skopje the exhibition “Impresions: Berlin’s Art Scene” was opened. According to curator Dr. Rolf Külz-Mackenzie, the display presents the current Berlin art scene, reflecting the art of the German capital through different generations of 21 artists.



D-r. Rolf Kueltz Mekenzie



Besides renowned German authors, Rolf Külz-Mackenzie included Macedonian artist Jovan Balov. In the List of other participating artists in the exhibition Heiko Daxl & Ingeborg Fülepp, Mariana Vassileva and Ottjörg A.C. was selected - who already had solo exhibitions in Prima Center Berlin, as well as Wolfgang Petrick, Genia Chef and Michaela Strumberger, who have been already presented in Macedonia through the projects of Prima Center Skopje.



In the frame of the exhibition, 3 artists,  of Prima Center Berlin, took place, as integral part of Berlin Art Scene: Tim Deussen, Dagmar Tinschmann-Lichtefeld and Martin Juef.  The selection of the artists of Prima Center Berlin was made by Jovan Balov, who runs Prima Center Berlin.

The exhibition was opened by the ambassador of Germany in Macedonia, Mrs. Ulrike Knotz.







"As far as the Skopje exhibition project is concerned, there can be no genuine representative criteria for the contemporary artistic positions inside and outside Berlin. Berlin artistic scenes are indeed too diverse for that. The only general assumption we can make is that artistic themes and questions are determined, among other things, by the continuous migration of people. Characteristic for the area of culture and the arts is predominantly the immigration of artists as well as the international and regional blending, whose end result is constant change."

"The exhibition is an attempt, to pose, through examples and a clear presentation, some questions connected with the social realities of Berlin. In a media-governed and alienated world, in the overlapping of virtual and often brutal social realities, there is an increasing desire to run away from the world of feedback, incredibly quickly-cut frames, from the real-time deluge of images, and to touch that which disappears in time as movement. After the replete years of arbitrariness, the society of fun and postmodern eclecticism, returning to their own work and also to that of others (remix, remake), it is now international artists who are more and more confronting reality. In order to achieve that, beside the knowledge of what constitutes and holds the world, they need fine craftsmanship and long practice to present their impressions in an accurate way and in the rhythm of the age. The present-day practice of staging aims to implement artistic positions and cultural knowledge within new contexts. Placing, sampling, quoting – and accordingly, memory strategies – now form the introduction to contemporary art. Speculations about reality, about one’s stance on art, nature, culture, society, science and technology are (again) increasingly becoming the object of artistic worlds of images and merging into different forms of representation that know no borders."

"The works to be presented in Skopje are accustomed to the specific exhibit premises. The principles I have chosen as my starting point are those of montage, of space-related presentation. They largely coincide with the principles of editing in music, literature and, above all, film, so that the visitor can process spiritually, through the given cross-references, his or her impressions of an extract, concerning the positions of Berlin contemporary art."

Rolf Külz-Mackenzie